Water Heater Plumber always tries to provide you the fastest services especially when you are in the middle of an emergency. We are professional, reasonably priced, and ready to solve your problem right now! Call us immediately!

If your problem is not urgent then you can follow the following simple steps and can possibly resolve the situation on your own:

  1. Test out the circuit breaker immediately. If you see a failure in power then the water heater will also lose power (unless you have a backup).

  2. If the above mention factor didn’t happen then it means there is no fault in the circuit, and then the next step would be to untie the service panel in order to check wires of the unit. Check them effectively but make sure the wires are connected correctly. If you think that there might be a problem with wires then read the manual that you received along with the unit.

  3. After that, evaluate if there is oxidation or rust at the connected wires because this condition can lead to a power issue and this can take extra time in repairing.

  4. If you can step through the above tasks by yourself, you can restore the heating component without any difficulty.

Along with the above tasks you can make an effort to replace the thermostat that fits inside. The thermostat can be the reason for a damaged water solution and it can fail at some time for several reasons.

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